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The ever enterprising National Theatre of Scotland have come south again with a piece that is both verbatim and site specific – a double whammy of theatre fashion.

Enquirer explores the world of journalism and the views of journalists in the period between the Leveson revelations and (hopefully) remedies. They’ve interviewed 43 of them and the piece does successfully immerse you in their world, moving from the daily editorial conferences to the newsroom to voyeuristic moments in the interviews themselves. It isn’t exactly revelatory though so in the end it is just a glimpse into this world.

I’m not sure it really needed to be site specific. It’s a handful of spaces in an office block effectively dressed / littered with a vast quantity of bundles of newspapers. Some of the scenes were far too short and off you were again being herded into another space. It did bring an intimacy to the boardroom scenes and you really did feel like a fly on the wall at some of the interviews, but on the whole the form didn’t add enough to justify it.

Six excellent actors bring their subjects alive very well, in particular Billy Riddoch’s old school tabloid editor and John Bett’s more pompous and patronising broadsheet equivalent. Vicky Featherstone, John Tiffany and Andrew O’Hagan have edited and staged the piece so that it draws you in quickly and doesn’t outstay its welcome.

A partial success, then, and I’m glad went. One thing’s for certain – the nomadic National Theatres of both Scotland and Wales are consistently innovative and they’re welcome here any time.

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