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After the previous day’s disappointing new play, here’s a superb piece of writing, brilliantly staged, with terrific performances. A candidate for Best New Play if ever I saw one. Theatre 503 doing what the Royal Court gets a lot of money to do!

Jon Brittain’s play is set in Rotterdam, where three Brits live and work – gay couple Alice and Fiona and the latter’s brother Josh. It explores the impact of Fiona’s conclusion that she has always identified as a man when she tells her partner Alice. What will it mean to a lesbian if her lover becomes a man? We learn that Josh is more than Fiona’s brother. We meet much younger gay Dutch girl Lelani, who works with and is attracted to Alice. The characters are extremely well developed and the exploration of the issues has great depth and sensitivity, but it’s also very funny, captivating and entertaining.

Ellan Parry’s has designed a small bright modern apartment which turns with ease into other locations like clubs and streets; it brings great intimacy to the piece. There isn’t a moment wasted as the fast-moving story unfolds over four months between New Year’s Eve and the Netherlands’ King’s Day, which is a tribute both to the writing and Donnacadh O’Briain’s direction.

All four performances are outstanding. Alice McCarthy is conservative and passive Alice, who hasn’t come out to her parents; a beautifully nuanced performance. Anna Martine brilliantly navigates Fiona’s complex emotional journey. Ed Eales-White is gloriously funny as Josh, but switches to serious with ease when required. Jessica Clark is loud, brash and lovely as Lelani, who seems to grow up before your eyes towards the end of the play.

It’s unthinkable that something this good is only seen by c.1500 people. Transfer!


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