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I managed to overcome my aversion to solo shows again, pleased I did, now wondering if I’ve banished it for good. Liz Kingsman’s One Woman Show is clever, funny and hugely entertaining.

We’re about to see the show Wildfowl when we’re informed it is being filmed so that an important producer who can’t make it, any performance of it, can see it, so outwith the One Woman Show we meet others like a technician and stage manager, with other voices off.

The protagonist is a twenty-something living in London, working for a wildlife charity, doing what you’d expect a twenty-something to do around town. Bars, internet dating, dining, wearing your flatmates clothes and living their life as well as your own. The tropes, stereotypes, emotional traumas, dependancy on social media, social gafs, it’s all there.

It’s a parody of the one woman show as a genre (think Fleabag) which is the third level. The filming is an attempt to pick up a big shot producer to take it big-time. So we have the promotion of the show which is a parody of the genre. Simply brilliant, beautifully written and expertly performed, by a twenty-something like the protagonist of Wildfowl.

The audience were clearly captivated, the smile never left my face, I laughed out loud much of the time and I left the theatre in sheer admiration of the skill of Liz Kingsman. I doubt she would offend anyone who has preceded her with a one woman show as it’s more affectionate homage and gentle satire than vicious put-down.

A delightful 75 minutes.

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