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There have been too few plays about contemporary generational issues, so another one was welcome. Sadly, it’s so underwritten, it falls flat on its face.

We open at the funeral of Joyce’s husband. So begins her journey of rebellion – against her 45 year marriage sentence, her mother Pearl and her daughter Fiona & idle husband Graham. The rebellion starts with a red coat but its focus is befriending stripper and single mother Candy. She deserts her mother even though she has dementia and becomes hospitalised; we learn that this is repaying her for what Pearl did to her early in her life. She treats her struggling daughter’s pleas for support and help with disdain. The trouble is playwright Sarah Wooley just skirts the fascinating issues which Mike Bartlett got to the heart of in Love Love Love.

I liked Tim Shorthall’s design idea of different wallpaper projected and lampshade dropped for each room, but that’s about all it is really. National treasure Maureen Lipman is playing Maureen Lipman; like Julie Walters, whatever her character, the real person can be seen. In the rest of the cast, I liked Tracy-Ann Oberman as Fiona and Nadia Clifford as Candy who tried their best to breathe life into the play, but not even director Terry Johnson could do that. It’s just a flat evening, let down by the mediocrity of the writing.

The Hampstead audience was even less diverse than usual – middle-aged, middle-class and uni-cultural – and they clearly liked it a lot more than me, or maybe they’re just more polite and easier to please……

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