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Martin McDonagh was one of the freshest playwriting talents to emerge in the 90’s and this was his first play and the first in the Connemara trilogy of black comedies – well, all his work is black comedies! I think we might have lost him to films after the success of In Bruges which he wrote and directed, so we might have to make do with revivals like this.

Fourteen years on, Joe Hill-Gibbons has given us a cracking second look at this play and it’s to his credit that it still seems fresh. Ultz has designed a brilliantly realistic cottage and there’s a lovely touch in that you have a peep behind the scenes on the way to your seats.

It’s the story of a 40-something virgin spinster who falls for a local man who falls for her. She seems to have found the escape manual but underestimates the deviousness of her manipulative old mother. This is the blackest of black comedies with torture and murder and moments after you’ve stopped laughing you find yourself turning your eyes away from the stage to avoid something truly gruesome.

Rosaleen Linehan is terrific as the mother who plays psychological mind games; it may make you recollect being on the receiving end of similar! Susan Lynch is an appropriately naive yet manic daughter and David Ganley was so good as her prospective husband Pato that he got a round of applause for his monologue at the start of Act II. Terence Keeley turns Pato’s brother Ray into a bit of a caricature but it doesn’t detract from the play.

I suspect we’ll see a lot more McDonagh revivals; lets hope they’re all this good.

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